The Service

Chef james is a new business, starting in July 2016, offering a restaurant quality food delivery service to the local community.

I will be delivering freshly prepared meals for you to simply warm up and enjoy! I will start delivering to the south of Peterborough; Hampton, Cardea, Stilton and Yaxley. I am starting small and it’s just me, so I need to limit my delivery area initially. However, dependant on demand and feedback, I may consider expanding my delivery area over time.

Home Delivery

A new menu of dishes designed for you to enjoy every day of the week. This is not a treat occasion just for a weekend; I believe we should have access to great, balanced and fresh food even when we are just too busy to cook. Every week there will be 6 affordable dishes to choose from along with some side dishes and homemade breads. The meals are around £6 for serves 1 and £12 for serves two. (There will be option to buy sides and breads priced separately).

All meals are freshly made and cooked to order using the best ingredients and made authentically. The meal will be provided ready for you to warm up in the oven or micro and that’s it! Chef James’ meals are made using ingredients from our local suppliers, or as I like to call them; my partners!

Ordering & Delivery

Evening Cookery Workshops

Please contact me to find out more. Price is on application and based on requirements. Cookery classes with Chef James can be either in your home or at venue.

Cookery Workshops


Over the coming weeks, I will be spending time in and around the local community doing events and tastings. I’m keen to meet you all and show you what my business is all about. Find out where I have been and where to expect me next.Find out where I have been and where to expect me next.

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Ordering & Delivery


If you want a delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday – you need to order by Saturday 5pm. Why in advance? This is because I want to make your food the very best it can be and for you to have the freshest food. So straight after your order, I phone my local suppliers and order the ingredients to make your meal. My suppliers do not deliver on a Sunday.

***Please note – I will not deliver on a weekend as I will be doing Cookery Workshops***

***Please Note: After the order deadlines your available delivery days will change to the next order cycle. There are two deadlines a week Saturday 5pm and Tuesday 5pm*** So, if you order after the Tuesday 5pm cut off, provided you order before Saturday 5pm, (this would mean Tuesday evening, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 5pm) you will get the choice of delivery days of Tuesday and Wednesday.


Ingredients come to me fresh on Monday morning. I then cook and prepare them and allow the flavours to round off and balance.

Tuesday I will then cook the rice and garnish items and pack your meals on the day of delivery into our recyclable packaging they will then be ready for delivery.


Your meals will then be labelled with the relevant allergen information and ingredient list, placed in a bag with a sheet of paper which will contain your cooking instructions for each of your chosen items. They will then be delivered to you between 6pm and 8pm on your chosen delivery day.

On your ingredient list label it will also show to keep chilled and the use by date of each item, you will notice that if you have chosen the 2nd day of delivery (in the case above Wednesday) that is recommended to be eaten that night. This is because the local authority have explained that fresh meals I make can only have two days shelf life from the day I start making your meal.

The second order cycle would follow, If you order Saturday evening after 5pm, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday up to 5pm you will get the choice of delivery days of Thursday and Friday.

When will my delicious meal arrive?

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Order on these days by 5pm Tuesday  For delivery this week on these days between 6-8pm
 Order on these days by 5pm Saturday
For delivery the following week on these days between 6-8pm

Where do I deliver to?

Please note we only deliver to and around the Peterborough UK area! See the service map for details. Is your postcode not available? Contact me directly and I'll see what I can do for you!

Delivering to: Hampton (PE7 8),  Stilton (PE7 3), Yaxley (PE7 3), Cardea (PE2 8),  Folksworth (PE7 3), Alwalton (PE7 3)